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6 Hours to Go!

Yeah, 6 hours until I start reading like the book loving nut I am. Looks like its gonna rain so I have an excuse for staying inside all day, and another one for not being on the net and/or playstation in the form of new books and my  bro playing games.

Wonder if mum will be able to tell I didn’t sleep in as much as I usually do? She didn’t today, I stayed up till 3am and woke at 9am. Nobody noticed any lack of sleep. Must be getting resistant.


She Shall Read!

Err, a day early? Yep, due to a very annoying issue called school I’ll be reading a day BEFORE the start time. Its still the 9th of November to me with an 11pm start (wee, insomniac midnight reading combined with blogging! My fave thing to do)

So let’s translate that over into Pacific time, as that’s what timezone the event ‘starts’ in. 8th of November, 5am. (had to fix up my timezone conversion.)

Quick List of Possible Reading Material:

  • His Dark Materials Trilogy
  • Artemis Fowl series
  • Inheritance Cycle (quite unlikely mind)

Good thing its the weekend when I’ll be starting now, so I’ll stock up with books from the library. Woot for a 20 book borrowing limit.

(please note, I’m prone to stuffing up timezone conversions and dates. The event’s just going to be a day ahead to me XD)

Ironic Irony is Ironic

I’m not going to say why I’m in such a good mood. What I will say is I appear to be chased by a lot of irony and it loves making me run into the same people over and over. (if that’s true,  I’m due to run into Kel again)

Now I’m off to have a bit of fun.

Note to Self: It must be somehow be related to my late light jaunts, as all these weird situations happen there… that or its daylight on the other side of the world.

Hmm, irony strikes again. Better hide before it starts raining look like people.

Surprisingly enough we’ve made a great deal of progress with our dragon design. We just need to revise some of the sketches, and find someone to do colours and 3D effects.

Oh, and find a new name.

On the Hunt for Someone

I once met this boy on FG that was extremely ego headed.  He was The Redeem3r. On his latest return, he’d cleaned up a bit but had to use Redemption as his display name. Really tall, loves games. Ring a bell? That’s the problem, he’s like every other teen/young adult male out there.

Fun part is, I have his email. Even funner is he didn’t reply. And there’s a few other people looking for him too. If you see this Redem, just swing on back for a while.