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Ironic Irony is Ironic

I’m not going to say why I’m in such a good mood. What I will say is I appear to be chased by a lot of irony and it loves making me run into the same people over and over. (if that’s true,  I’m due to run into Kel again)

Now I’m off to have a bit of fun.

Note to Self: It must be somehow be related to my late light jaunts, as all these weird situations happen there… that or its daylight on the other side of the world.

Hmm, irony strikes again. Better hide before it starts raining look like people.


Surprisingly enough we’ve made a great deal of progress with our dragon design. We just need to revise some of the sketches, and find someone to do colours and 3D effects.

Oh, and find a new name.

On the Hunt for Someone

I once met this boy on FG that was extremely ego headed.  He was The Redeem3r. On his latest return, he’d cleaned up a bit but had to use Redemption as his display name. Really tall, loves games. Ring a bell? That’s the problem, he’s like every other teen/young adult male out there.

Fun part is, I have his email. Even funner is he didn’t reply. And there’s a few other people looking for him too. If you see this Redem, just swing on back for a while.

I’m referring to technically being the head of design on this little dragon. Its just a working name at the moment, since we’d love a nice list of light/fire related words. Heh, lost the link to a nice list of them to a chat flood.

Its also very annoying to be back to basics with a laptop missing most of the programs I’m used to operating. No GIMP, no Firefox, no luck so far reasoning with mother. So its noticeable that I’ve been using MS Paint lately (its always noticeable that I use a mouse, not a tablet for drawing).

So bear with me please, its back to school for 10 weeks before summer holidays (remember, southern hemisphere). In that time I have two certificate courses to finish, and I don’t know how many assignments and tests yet.

[/end rant]

I Say Hi!

Well, never guessed I would set up a blog.