Time: Way after the event is finished

Books Read:

Paladin by Dave Luckett, full book (281 pages including glossery terms)
~Young Adult fiction, published by Shoolastic (Copyright 2010)

Daywards by Anthony Eaton, book 3 of the Darklands Trilogy, full book (341 pages)
~Young Adult fiction, published by University of Queensland Press (Copyright 2010)

Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Peirce, book 1 in the Songs of the Lioness Quartet (38 of 216)
~Young Adult fiction,  published by Schoolastic (Copyright 1998, first copyright 1987)

Ok, basically I got really sick after the 3rd update and couldn’t focus at all. Took something for the sneezing and knocked myself out so I wouldn’t have to put up with a running nose. Then I skipped school because I’m still sick.

Note to Self: Don’t add any of the Lioness books into reading pile, seemed to be cursed to a headcold/hayfever around them.