Time: 1:41am 10/10/10 Australian EST.*

Books read:

Paladin by Dave Luckett, full book (281 pages including glossery terms).
~Young Adult fiction, published by Shoolastic (Copywright 2010)

  • Thrilling, extremely well written. Definitely is one in a series yet to be written.

Current Book: Heart of Gold, book 2 in The Laws of Magic series by Mitchael Pryor.

Time on Computer: 3 mins getting the computer and making sure the internet was on, ~15 mins on computer. Assorted cheer leading 😀

Thoughts: Slightly tired, shouldn’t have ate that Turkish Delight. May fall asleep around about 4am and set alarm for 9am. Better reply ASAP to PM’s so I don’t have users after me.

* All updates in local time, no daylight savings.